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The Sack of Bath by Cllr 'Beau Trash' Curran


Tim enjoys time away from the grill at the summer picnic

the Pimms flowed freely whilst the burgers sizzled

"Somewhere over the rainbow"


"The Imaginary Autocrat" John Eglin




    Newsletter Notes No. 4        Date: 01/08/2006

Chairman's Notes

Chairman's Notes – Newsletter Notes Summer 2006

The burning issue of the moment is the change throughout B&NES to arrangements for the collection of waste. This ill-considered scheme has meant the end of collections of waste from basement areas, to the detriment of Bath’s World Heritage Site status and reputation. As Chairman I get bombarded with letters and questionnaires seeking the Society’s views on matters which barely impinge on life in the Crescent, yet on this important issue I received no indication that any change was being considered. This is apparently because B&NES knew that they would get the wrong answer!


I was dismayed to learn that the public meeting in Keynsham was held not to review the decision to institute edge-of-property collection, but to review the implementation and publicity for that decision. Of course if the original decision had not been so inappropriate, there would not be the same indignation about its implementation. The comment by Cllr Gerry ‘Beau Trash’ Curran that few Royal Crescent households had use of a common waste storage area was typical of the lack of thought and research about the whole matter. My own research revealed that, of the 120-odd households in the Crescent, over 100 had been using a common storage area.


We need to lobby the Council, in particular local councillor Andy Furse (andrew_furse@bathnes.gov.uk) and Cllr Gerry Curran (gerry_curran@bathnes.gov.uk) to persuade them to consider the wider effect of the new arrangements on the tourist economy and heritage aspect of Bath. Meanwhile please keep the Waste Dept (sarah_alder@bathnes.gov.uk and/or carol_tunnard@bathnes.gov.uk) informed of any failures of the new arrangements.


New arrangements for funding Lawn maintenance are going much more smoothly. Nearly every freeholder has now paid the agreed contribution (£200) for 2006, with reminders having recently gone to the stragglers, and all seems set fair for the CLC’s AGM in August which should pave the way for all freeholders to become members of the Company and help direct its activities.


And talking of paving the way, I understand that a source of pennant stone, to replace the unsightly tarmac surface alongside the Railings, has been located, and its suitability will be assessed shortly. You may have seen the first visible signs of progress for the Restoration project in the form of planning consent notices attached to the Railings. While no problems are anticipated in securing planning and listed building consent, we have learnt that for reasons apparently connected with the Bath Spa saga all such decisions have to be reviewed by central government. This will mean that actual work will not start until October. However the Parks Dept remains of the opinion that the announced completion date of the end of the year will still be met.


Stephen Little Chairman, Royal Crescent Society


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Crescent Lawn Company Secretary's Update:


In the last two newsletters I have been able to tell you some good news of how well the Railings, Pavement and Ha-ha Restoration is progressing. Back then (in March) we were looking forward to the start of physical work in May or June. Well, May and June have come and gone, and we are now well into July – with a depressingly late start of October being suggested . Unfortunately this most disappointing state of affairs is beyond the power of the Directors of the Crescent Lawn Company to control. On a slightly more positive note I can tell you that:


CONSENT APPLICATIONS. Consent applications have been submitted to Bath Planning Office and they will be submitted to Committee in mid August. Unfortunately they then have to be sent to the Central Government offices in Bristol for approve which means a further four weeks’ delay.

VAT. Whether or not to pay VAT is still causing a problem. There is a very strong argument that the much of the works should be VAT exempt and the Lead Monitor is doing all he can to clarify the position. Directors of the Crescent Lawn Company are hoping for a favourable outcome, as, I am sure you will appreciate, the difference between paying VAT and not paying is significant.

THE LAWN-SIDE PAVEMENTS. A source of reclaimed pennant stone for the pavement is being sought by B&NES.

THE LEGALITIES. A draft Contract has now been drawn up between B&NES, Heritage Lottery Fund and the Crescent Lawn Company regarding payment of the Company’s share of the costs. Directors have been attending to this recently and have suggested a few minor amendments.


Sorry the news is so down-beat, but the Directors and I are as disappointed as all of you must be.


Jenny Hardisty Secretary to The Crescent Lawn Company Ltd


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Summer Picnic


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