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Picture Gallery and Reference

Over the last 230 years, many illustrations have been made and photographs taken of the Royal Crescent. Tourists and locals can been seen every day with cameras poised and lens pointing at its facade. Prestige household product advertisers and many local companies have also used the Crescent as a backdrop to promote their products and services.

During the 18th century Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Thomas Lawrence lived and worked in Bath. John Maggs, a painter best known for his coaching scenes, was born and lived in Bath with his artistic family. William Friese-Greene began experimenting with celluloid and motion pictures in his studio in Bath in the 1870s, developing some of the earliest movie camera technology there. He is credited as the inventor of cinematography.

Several major films and episodes of popular TV series have been made here (Click on Filmography above). Also within Filmography are some superb photographs from the productions and in particular that Jane Austin classic 'Northanger Abbey'.

The Royal Crescent is featured in a number of publications and we have listed these in our bibliography.

We have selected for our gallery a number of images from all sources and have also provided links to a number of websites with more images of the Royal Crescent and Bath.