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Community Organisations...

The Royal Crescent Society is open to all residents. Non-residents who support the aims of the Society may also join as Friends, enjoying the same full participation (except to vote at meetings and stand for the Committee). The Society is managed on a voluntary basis by elected officers and committee.

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Crescent Lawn Company

Ever since the Royal Crescent was built, the Lawn has been a privately maintained area, with residentsí rights of use. The Crescent Lawn Company (CLC) was formed in 2003 with the purpose of holding the title to the Lawn and its boundaries and managing their upkeep on behalf of the Society. Absolute Title was granted to the Company on 8th April 2003. Acquisition of the title does not affect residentsí rights to use the Lawn as enshrined in their Leases or Freeholds.

The Royal Crescent Society has long championed the restoration of the Lawn's Railings and of the Ha-ha itself. The CLC initiated a project to achieve this and with Resident contributions, Royal Crescent Society funds and a Heritage Lottery Fund grant entered into partnership with Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES) to progress the work. The work on the restoration of the railings was completed in 2011 and the pavement in 2012.

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Bath Preservation Trust

The Trust is an independent charity that was founded in 1934 with the object of protecting the city's unique architectural heritage. Today the Trust has approximately 1,500 subscribing members from the UK and overseas supporting its work. It has rescued properties as diverse as cottages which once housed artisans who built the great Georgian architectural set pieces, and historically significant No 1 Royal Crescent and Beckford Tower, which are now owned by the Bath Preservation Trust and run as a museums.


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