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"By the Waters of Sul" Edward Goring with foreword by Jan Morris








Major Bernard Cayzer


Guess the date this was taken? Clue its nearly 150 years ago!


What and when was this "civic celebration"?


When was the Hotel known as "Fawlty Towers"?


The Festive dinner was once again enjoyed by all.













    Newsletter Notes No. 3        Date: 17/03/2006

Chairman's Notes

Chairman's Notes – Newsletter Notes Spring 2006

The Society’s AGM is to be held at the Royal Crescent Hotel at 6.30 pm on Sunday 30th April, and is as usual open to all residents of the Crescent, whether members or not. This is your chance to raise any matter concerning the Crescent with which you feel the Society should be involved. Better still, come and join the Society, enjoy its social functions, and have a say in preserving and enhancing the local environment.

The Society’s recent EGM, kindly hosted by the Royal Crescent Hotel, gave final approval to the new arrangements for funding maintenance of the Lawn and Ha-ha. The Society’s solicitor is currently preparing the deeds for each house, which will ensure a sound permanent basis for future collection of contributions. We shall then have achieved what John Wood would have organised in the 18th century if he had been as good an administrator as he was an architect! Invoices to freeholders for the current year’s contribution, set by them at £200 at their meeting in November, will be sent out shortly.

You will be able to read elsewhere in this Newsletter about the progress made towards the start of work on the Railings and Ha-ha.

With the AGM looming, the need for a secretary gets ever more pressing. If you know of anyone who might fill the bill, please urge them to step forward, even if only on a temporary basis.

Stephen Little Chairman, Royal Crescent Society

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Freedom of Information:

We are for ever striving to inform and give members full access to not only our extensive archive of newsletters but also minutes of committee and AGM minutes. We have recently added to the web site all Society committee minutes going back to 2001, some 36 meetings and all the minutes of the 27 meetings of the Crescent Lawn Company right up to the recent Society SGM in February and meeting with B&NES and BPT. These may appear somewhat "dry" but they clearly give all members a "blow by blow" account of progress and an important insight to all the issues. more... NEW



The date of the Royal Crescent Society's AGM will be 30th April, 2006 at The Royal Crescent Hotel at 6.30pm.


Crescent Lawn Company Secretary's Update:

Click here to read the latest update on the works schedule, the plans for the wall and ditch and the question of the pavement. more...NEW


Crescent Life:  Many thanks to that great read from "By the Waters of Sul" by Edward Goring, here are some fascinating insights to Bath life in the 70s:


Read about the lady who defied all by painting her door yellow more...NEW

Read about the night number 10 raved, rocked and rolled, was raided by the police and about the man who made it all happen, Charles Fabian Ware  more...NEW

Read about the Major who gave us Number 1 more...NEW

Read about when the hotel was known locally as "Fawlty Towers" more...NEW


Also read about the new publishing deal for our famous writer more...NEW



Remember, all contributions, letters, photographs etc. are welcome, plus your thoughts on such issues as:

  • Should the Festival opening night have been moved? (See below for a link to a new article by Mike Daw)

  • What would you like to see happen to the old garage on Julian Road?

  • Should we reintroduce the "Best Kept Courtyard" competition?

  • In what pattern would you like the lawn to be cut?

  • Why don't all mobile phones work in Crescent houses?

  • Given the railings were originally painted green, should they remain black?


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Read about a brand new book by past resident, the Society's founding Chairman and "Bath Chronicle" columnist, Edward Goring. It covers Bath in the 70s , its characters, royalty, battles with the planners during those dark years of the "sacking of Bath". It is a fun and insightful read and strongly recommended. more... UPDATED



The Crescent History has been significantly developed with much new material. Read yet another fascinating extract from Edward Goring's book on the bidding for a whole house on the Crescent , which started at £40,000! more...NEW


General Information:

Read Mike Daw's personal views on the departure this year of the Bath Festival opening night from the Crescent and its recent history. more...NEW


The Royal Crescent is now one of the images of Britain that greets all passengers at Heathrow. more...


Read about what to see in and around Bath in 2006 with links to individual web sites for more information more...UPDATED


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