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    News Notes No. 2        Date: 03/12/2005

Chairman's Notes

Chairman's Notes – News Notes Winter 2005

Welcome to this first edition of the Newsletter to be published in cyberspace. We shall continue to publish in paper form for more traditional readers, alias technophobes, but we feel that this, combined with the launch of our website (www.royalcrescentbath.com), is a major leap forward into the 21st century.

To mark our arrival on the internet stage a reception was held at the Royal Crescent Hotel in September. This attracted a good attendance, including the Deputy Mayor of Bath, Cllr Mrs Lynda Hedges and our Ward and other Councillors. The opportunity was taken to announce the news that B&NES had appointed a Design Consultant for the Restoration project and expected the Restoration of both the Railings and Ha-ha to be completed by the end of 2006, which was well received.

Since then, news of progress in agreeing specifications with English Heritage and setting a timetable for the various steps leading up to the commencement of the works has been hard to elicit from B&NES. They have this week re-confirmed the end of 2006 for completion and English Heritage have declared that a solution to the Lawnside Pavement problem must be achieved concurrently.

An important step forward in rectifying John Wood’s omission to make satisfactory arrangements for maintenance of the Lawn and its boundaries was made when a meeting of freeholders was held at the Hotel. This endorsed the plan outlined in the Spring Newsletter (no. 56) and agreed at the RCS AGM in April, and it seems that a majority, if not all freeholders will participate. This will simplify the task of collecting sufficient funds to maintain the Lawn to an appropriate standard, ensure that those who benefit pay towards its upkeep, and put arrangements for Lawn maintenance on a sounder footing than hitherto.

When new proposals were published in August for parking regulations in the Central Zone, many residents were alarmed to see that they included all-day midweek parking on the Lawn side of the Crescent. With the memory of the improvement in appearance of the Crescent when cars were removed on the occasion of the Three Tenors Concert in 2003, the prospect of the Crescent being used as a car park, and the newly restored railings being largely obscured from view, was not welcomed.

The RCS Committee, mindful of the dilemma between wishing to see sufficient parking space for residents and its duty to safeguard the appearance of the Crescent, sought a compromise which would preserve the vista and still provide enough parking space. We are grateful to B&NES for recognising the argument for treating the Crescent as a special case and reducing the amount of space allocated for pay & display parking while keeping the proposals for residents-only spaces.

Those who thought that the Royal Crescent was an automatic choice to replace Mayfair on the Bath Monopoly board were taken aback to discover that the Roman Baths had been placed in that prime position, relegating the Crescent to the equivalent of Park Lane, valued at a mere £350! At least it’s still well away from the Parking space ….

Stephen Little Chairman, Royal Crescent Society







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